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In agreement  with the art. 13 of the D. Lgs.  196/03 (Code of the Privacy), Your personal data, provided to us  in drawing up contracts of commercial relations, are object, from our side, of computer and/or manual treatments, for the following end:  

A)     fulfillments of law related  to civil law , fiscal, account rules; administrative management of the relation;
B)     technical support and technical information concerning  the products and services acquired from

 You acquired; check of Customer satisfaction of our services.

We state that the treatment of the data as per points A) and B) is mandatory  for the correct fulfillment of the orders and  the contracts.  

It’s  Your  own faculty to exercise the rights as per the art. 7 (Right of access to the personal data and other rights) of the D. Lgs.  196/03.  

Responsible for the treatment of the data  is:
LO. GA s.r.l located in Via Leopardi 35 22070 Grandate (CO) ITALY –Fiscal Code and VAT  Account  06458090963 –
Enrolment at Chamber of Commerce  of COMO

E-mail: in the person of its legal representative.  

To exercise the rights as per to art. 7 of the D. Lgs.  196/03, You should release a written request  directly addressed to the Person in charge of the Treatment of the Data.
The enrolment to implies  the acceptance of the obligation of to supply some personal  sincere and truthful information.  
The absence of the above personal information imply the automatic cancellation of the order.  Communication  false information or not corresponding to the truth is against to this General Conditions of Utilization.  
Particularly, declare that the personal data supplied by his  customers will not be used  for commercial information or delivery of advertising material or for execution of market researches  or other commercial interactive communication, if not  in presence of a preventive expression of agreement from the Customer.  


The sale prices  on the site are expressed in euro inclusive of VAT, shipping expenses are not included.  Shipping expenses are  always charged to the customer and are invoiced at the moment of the confirmation of the order, as uplift on the price of  the products.  reserves the right  to change the prices without notice, but it is pledged to apply the prices in place ( those indicated on the site) at the moment of the order.  


The payments  can be done through PayPal, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa,Visa Electron), bank money transfer or countermark.  
The payments on line by credit cards are protected by a very effective  cryptographic system.Any possible refunds are always  done by by a bankmoneytransfer  


Only in case of different requirements from the Customer during the order definition, the invoice will be sent       jointly with the goods.

RIGHT OF RECEDING / SATISFIED OR REPAID recognizes the right of receding in agreement with the normative in place D. lgs 206/2005.  The timeframe  to take advantage of such right is 10 working days within which the Customer  must send a formal and written communication:

* By registered letter  to the address:

Customers Service c/or  LO.GAsrl. Via Leopardi 35, 22070 Grandate (CO) ITALY

* By fax to the number
* By e-mail using our specific form   

Important.  In the letter in which the Customer declare the right of receding it is mandatory to indicate the extreme of a bank checking account  in order to do the recharge of the due amount  (Code CIN, Code ABI, Code CAB,  Number of Account, IBAN, Holder of the Account)                                                                      

To complete the application of the right of receding is necessary that:  
1.  the Customer declare the right to recess as per the formal above procedure
2.  the goods bought must be returned in complete  and in the original packaging (including plastics and/or labels).

3.  the goods must be returned  within the timeframe  and in the way as written above.  Shipping expenses will be  charged to the Customer.

The goods will be checked  in our  warehouse, to verify for possible damages or tampering not caused by transportation.  

After having defined the integrity of the asset, we will provide to refund the sum already paid through the bank   checking account  formerly communicated  to our Service Customers.  

The repayment pertains all the sums poured  and it will be done within and not beyond 30 days from the receiving  of the goods.  The unique expenditures loaded to the Customer will be the ones concerning  the product return .   In  case in which the Customer would choose for a substitution of the product, the expenditures for the delivery of  the new product will be charged to him.

Warning:                                                                                                                                                                                If some products, are personalized and/or ordered  in agreement with specific  customer requests, the right of receding   (D.lgs 206/20005 art.55) is not applicable.  


All of the products  are guaranteed from us (2 years for components)The date on the invoice is the reference for the start  of the warranty period.  For the warranty on a product it  is enough to contact the Customers Assistance Service.  


Everyone is visiting  the site has to be conscious  that he is connected  and  he is utilizing  dedicated services from the site to its risk and danger., under any circumstances, will not  be  responsible of the direct damages or indirect (financial losses, financial, economical) suffered from the site visitor or from third party because of connection problems, of the impossibility to enter and of the good or bad working operations.

What stated above, is particularly applied to the damages that they could be caused from the inaccurate presence of contents  or of mistakes, from the slowness or interruption of the transmission of the data, from the loss, disappearance or alteration of the data, from the virus, whatever is their origin, from the intrusion of third, and, in general, from the utilization of our site or from the impossibility of. guarantees to do, always, all the necessary actions to ensure the availability of the services of the site.  Nevertheless, for some  technical reason, a momentary interruption of the services is always possible.  will take all  the possible actions to keep aware  the actual customers on the nature and on the duration of such interruptions, but it will not be, under no circumstances , retained responsible for the unavailability of his cannot  guarantee the reliability and the quality of the Internet net  outside of his own premises . owns a very powerful infrastructure for the memorization of the data (personal information, etc.). This infrastructure should allow, also in case of  serious damage, to recover the whole of the data received.  Nevertheless, will not be retained responsible in case of a partial or total loss of the data could happen; the user  is invited always to preserve  the data he sent off on his own

The  indication of links with other sites is in place just for convenience for the user., under no  circumstances can be considered as a guarantor of the abovementioned content of the sites and cannot  be able, under no circumstances, to  be considered responsible in  case of complaints or  direct or indirect damages  caused, to user or to a third paty, from the content of such sites.  


All of the contracts defined  with us are under  the Italian Law, for any controversy will be  they governed and constructed                   by the Court of Como.  
If you h ave still doubts and questions, please,  look at the “question/answer section” or take direct contact  with us.